Yoga in everyday life

The importance of yoga in everyday life

At the end of every class, I always thank my students for allowing me to lead their practice today. I use the term “practice yoga” instead of “do yoga”. This may seem like semantics to some but the intention behind “practice” is important. Yoga is often thought of as sun salutations or the warrior poses and moving your body within the confines of a fancy rectangular rubber floor mat. While this is part of yoga, it merely scratches the surface of the practice.

The intention behind the way we move our body, how we breathe, and even where we direct our awareness has a profound effect on how we practice. While on our mat, it’s easy for us to sit or lay down so we can start to relax or calm our body, our breathe, and even our thoughts. We practice this on our mats to become more adept at taking that awareness and intention out of the yoga room and apply it to other more trying scenarios.

For me, the real practice begins when I leave the studio. When I’m on my little mat it’s easier to practice with awareness and intention. But what happens when the environment isn’t so controlled and there’s no calm music playing in the background? Well, I come back to the practice. I direct my awareness to my breath, relax my body, and choose to act with intention rather than a place of reaction. If you’ve never tried yoga, or its been a while since you’ve been, don’t worry. We’re all just practicing.

-Kurt Mansergh – Yoga Instructor at the OAC