Working on your Abs!


We often get asked this question from clients ” Can you show me an abdominal exercise to get rid of belly fat?”
Honestly it doesn’t happen that way, getting leaner around 10-12% will show your abs but you have to lift correctly and use exercises that will strengthen your trunk and boost your resting metabolic rate and you have to eat clean.
Five True Steps to a Six Pack.

#1 Lose Belly Fat with Sprint Intervals

Simply implementing sprint interval session and eating cleaner, will start the fat removal process.

Training abs is not ideal for losing fat that covers the abs, sprinting  on body fat consistently lead to fat loss.

# 2 Tighten up you nutrition

Eat high quality proteins with a lot of vegetables, fruit, beneficial fats and other nutrition dense foods.

#3 Abs are built from big lifts that engage your trunk.

Want to change your body composition?  use multi joint lifts, such as Deadlift, Squats. But also remember to engage your abs when lifting.

#4 What are the best exercises for abs?

Dadlifts,Squats,Chin ups & Olympic Lifts, research shows the integration exercises that use glutes and deltoid muscles.

#5 Abs are made on vacation.

Reducing your stress will have a positive impact on reducing fat around the midsection, this is key.

You have to regulate your stress or your body shifts into fat storage mode in the abdominal area.