Please take a few moments and see what distinguishes the OAC from any other fitness facility…

This place is amazing, it has everything and anything you could ever wish for in an Athletic Club!!!!!!!

— Robert

Great place, awesome Douvris karate located within. Great Sensei teaching my daughter loves it.

— Rob

In my opinion, it's the best club in Ottawa. Never packed, always mature and full of business people and very clean every visit. Friendly too.

— Jacen

Great club to be a member Excellent equipment, locker rooms, and service.

— Devon

The OAC has a reputation for being a high-end gym. It is not overly crowded and it offers a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, indoor pool, outdoor pool, gold classes, tennis classes and many more benefits. Unlike the regular gym, this club offers the best customer service and it has a Greco program.

— Sara

Kids had a great time at the OAC kids sports camp !!!

— Phil

I was interested in becoming a member here and when I arrived at the front desk the staff member told me that I could apply for a complimentary week trial. I’ve been a member of almost every gym in the city and none compare to the cleanliness and friendly staff of the OAC. This gym includes many amenities like a hot and dry sauna, towel service, and a hot tub. The tennis and golf are extra. If you’re looking to join a complete gym look no further.

— Alexei

Kids go for tennis lessons. Newly renovated, clean, and fully equipped.

— Shakir

Everything you need (gym, squash, tennis, yoga, boxing, hot tub, sauna, steam room, pool...)

— William

Great place to work out or just wind down with some tennis or swimming.

— Dennis

Great, helpful staff. Excellent facilities. I really enjoyed this gym.

— Tim

There is nothing that compares to the OAC in Ottawa. It is a massive facility without the big box chain feel! From the friendly greeting when you arrive, clean change rooms & showers, all the fitness offerings (can’t name them all you just have to check them out for yourself!) and especially the playcare! We are even going to enroll my child in private swim lessons. We love the OAC!

— Lianna

My sister and I joined the Ottawa Athletic Club a few months ago now and it’s like a “spa-day” every time we go – of course we do exercise when we are there too but we also make a point of going in the hot tub before we leave. We alternate Aqua Fit and exercise but try to go 3 times a week. Love everything about the place.

— Crosbie

I’ve been going to the OAC Golf School for the past 6 years. I love it! can’t say enough good things about the staff. They took my game to another level!

— Carole

The OAC has been a very important “second home” for me and my family through the last 40 years. When the children were young, I used the Playcare so I could get fit and then I took them to their own swim classes. Both my daughters learned to swim at the OAC. Now, I occasionally bring my grandchildren as guests. The club enabled me to get a health break during the very busy years of raising a family and working full time. I think the OAC represents the values of family and health and I thank Sol Shabinsky for his vision. It is a very special place.

— Dena (Charter Member)

The OAC has helped me a lot. The staff there are all amazing everyone makes you feel welcome. I have to say thank you to Madeleine’s Keep on Movin’ class! I started June 17/15 and it was the best decision I have ever made. I lost overall 17 inches and has helped me mentally so much. Anyone reading this and sitting on the fence about joining the club, join! You won’t be sorry… you will love it.

— Kathy

I’ve been to every gym in Ottawa. This is the only one I will ever go to again. Great place to train. Best spot in town.

— Connor

I have been going to gyms and clubs for 35 years and nothing matches the quality of the Ottawa Athletic Club’s service and over all experience.

— John

Best gym in Ottawa, hands down. The only gym I feel comfortable preparing for competitions. Has everything you need and more.

— Jasmin

The Playcare is the most important thing to us as parents. With the incredible hours they offer from 8 am to 8 pm EVERY BUSINESS DAY and their incredibly well trained staff as early childhood educators, all 3 of our children are adored and truly appreciated. As a result they love going to the Playcare which gives us that feeling of complete freedom and security knowing our children are happy and extremely well cared for.

— Jodie

My son was very nervous about attending the more competitive Tennis Camp this year, not having played more than twice before attending. Boy was he happy he did! After camp he would beg me to bring him to the courts and got balls so he could show me how much he had improved! And did he! He can now return my serves and actually made me sweat! He loved every minute of this camp and asked me to register him another week, which I will look into. We will definitely repeat next year! Thank you for offering this great camp and making me a new Tennis buddy!

— Michel Jean

I’ve been a member of the OAC for 26 years. I brought up my kids in the daycare, we spent summers at the outdoor pool, took swimming lessons in the indoor pool. I built muscles, built endurance, built confidence, competed in organized OAC events, and made lifelong friends. The OAC is my home away from home and an extension of my family.

— Liz

Not only do I get to enjoy my favourite sport all year round, but for the last 3 years at the OAC Winter Golf School I have improved my short game and I shaved 12 strokes off my game. This is an amazing facility and because it is part of the OAC, I get to enjoy the steam room!

— Anne

The best tennis training centre in Canada!

— Jiangxin

I have been coming to the OAC for 22 years. I have friends here and made new ones. This is a legit gym and the people you meet here are also really friendly. The staff are great also. I go every 2nd day and I have gotten real workout results. I’ve lost 55 lbs and also added muscle mass. I love the OAC.

— Michael

My son has grown up at the club… from Playcare to private swimming lessons to sports camp to Mighty Mites tennis and now high performance squash. We love the OAC!

— Barb

I first became a member of the OAC when I was a preteen and I loved going in with my mom. I recently (May 2015) joined with them again, and I love it there. Staff are awesome, change rooms are beyond beautiful/clean, the equipment is always in perfect working order, and the members are amazing people. It’s a mini community where health and fitness is the mutual ground for building friendships. It’s for all these reasons that I would recommend this gym to everyone.

— Emily

We love the atmosphere at the OAC with such a plethora of sports and activities for ALL ages that always seem to be taking place in harmony because the complex is so well managed… from fitness, to tennis, squash, kids camps, yoga, swimming, power lifters, bodybuilders…the list goes on.

— Aaron