Spiced Almond Stuffed Olives

Ottawa Athletic Club Recipe of the Week

September 25th, 2019

Did you know, olives are a nutrition filled food high in skin-enhancing Vitamin E and Omega 9?

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olives stuffed with almond

Yields: 8 Servings             Prep Time: 5 Mins            Total Time: 5 Mins

The celery is high in minerals, and the sugar-free or preferably organic peanut butter or sunflower butter provides good fats and protein, while the raisins provide a touch of sweetness.


  • Unsalted almonds
  • 8 pitted olives
  • Chilli powder or Paprika


  1. Take 7 – 8 pitted olives and stuff with unsalted almonds and place in a bowl
  2. Sprinkle chili powder or paprika – as much as you can handle as far as heat goes! Toss them a bit.

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