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At Greco, we offer great interval training for all levels of fitness. Our successful program embraces and well planned circuit training routine, which will offer you the best workout in the shortest period of time, and is perfect for anyone who has the desire to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle. Everyone and anyone can participate in our classes and go at their own level. Many of our members live fast-paced lives, making the structured classes a perfect fit for people with busy schedules!

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Greco Schedule

  • Greco Strong class will focus on repetition and will be a volume-based circuit class designed to prioritize taxation on the muscles to promote growth
  • Greco Hardcore class is a new and improved HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) version of our traditional Greco circuit
  • Greco Activate class will be a modified version of our traditional “Lean and Fit” class, with increased emphasis on active recovery and flexibility and mobility

Our Mission

Our program is designed to introduce you to a fit and healthy lifestyle and take you to the next level! Greco OAC ‘s primary goal is to ensure you reach your goals… whatever they maybe.

What To Expect

The Lean & Fit Program consists of circuit training classes, resistance training, body fat composition analysis tests, a nutritional seminar along with a student workbook to track your progression along your journey.



Our classes are motivating with plenty of coaching and encouragement from your trainers. They continually provide guidance for proper technique and offer adaptations for each exercise if needed. As part of the circuit training, you will learn how to use weights and resistance bands to develop muscle which will help you burn more calories and reshape your body. Plyometrics, strength, speed, agility, cardio, and core training are incorporated into each challenging workout.


During this program we will track your body fat composition analysis. We keep stats on your body measurements, weight, and body fat allowing us to show you your progression. Members have lost up to 40lbs in 10 weeks by following this program! With the encouragement of our qualified staff, you will notice a huge change in your eating habits, health, and overall well-being in no time!

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