Douvris Martial Arts

OAC Dojo Reopening July 13!

We are very happy to announce that the Douvris dojo at the Ottawa Athletic Club will reopen on Monday, July 13, 2020. We have missed all our students and we know everyone is very excited to see each other.

Let’s make sure we’re able to remain open by following these NEW dojo rules:

  1. Register / Re-Activate: You MUST register or reactivate your Douvris program/membership prior to arriving. Contact George Antoniou at
  2. Drop-Off/Pick-up is Highly Recommended: Students must check in at the OAC Welcome Desk wearing the mandated face covering/mask. Parents may check in their child but may not remain in the facility. Instructor will escort students outside following the class.
  3. Ready for Class: Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes to your scheduled class time and already in uniform. Following check-in, you can go straight into the dojo. The mats are marked with an X for you to stretch until class begins.
    Locker rooms are not currently open – washrooms are accessible.
  4. Sanitize: We have hand sanitizing stations in the lobby and in the dojo. We will also be asking students to wipe down any equipment you’ve used in class.
  5. Physical Distancing: Please respect the 2-metre social distancing rules as outlined by Public Health.

Have a look at our OAC schedule by clicking here:

We look forward to seeing you all back in the dojo, If you have specific questions regarding the Karate program, please contact our Douvris Team at

Online Classes

We are excited, actually, we’re pretty stoked, to let you know that we have uploaded some videos to keep you updated with your karate and fitness curriculum. Part of practicing karate is maintaining a stable routine. Please keep our training videos and special seminars as part of your daily activity to keep you healthy, focused and ready for whatever change comes our way. We’re DOUVRIS Members and a lot more than a virus is going to be required to knock us down and stop us from training. We’re an agile and flexible group, aren’t we?

We are so pumped to get you into our online dojo! We hope you love training with us online as you do in class.


To get started you first need to register on our website. You can do so by filling in a username and your email address. You can use one login for your whole family if there’s more than one of your training in your home. Or you can create multiple accounts if you wish, you just need a unique username + email address.

Join Our Online Classes

After you sign-up you will be automatically logged in and a temporary password will be emailed to you (check your spam!). After you log in for the first time you can click PROFILE, and scroll down to the Generate Password button and give yourself a new password. And if you ever forget your password, just go to the login page, and click the link for Lost Your Password? And follow the instructions sent to you in the email.

Once you sign-in you will be directed to our Members Home page.  From here you can click a red button to start watching videos from one of our categories.

Class Schedule

Please join us at the following dates and times as we upload NEW videos for you, our valued members.

Check back every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:00 pm for your online class!

Join us every Friday on Facebook page to speak with our instructors who will answer your questions and help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing with your online training. More details coming soon.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are going to have special videos made from DOUVRIS Internationals members and world-class karate champions. Expect to see videos from Luis Morales from DOUVRIS Guatemala, Ben Clarke from DOUVRIS Orleans, Nick from DOUVRIS Bank Street, Sebastian Couture from DOUVRIS Barrhaven,  Sensei Suba from DOUVRIS International and many many more!

Are you ready to try out our online training program? We are excited and hope you are too! Register today to get started!

Register here

The OAC is proud to have Douvris Martial Arts on-site – the premier karate and kickboxing in Ottawa and home of national and world karate champions. TheDouvris studio (dojo) offers Karate classes for kids and adults of all ages!

Douvris is a karate family established by brothers and karate champions Master Sensei John Douvris and Master Sensei Peter Douvris in 1984. Douvris at the OAC is operated by Nick Douvris.

We are devoted to cultivating the practice of karate and we are a leader in the sport in Ottawa, in Canada, and throughout the world.  We are also committed to the pursuit of fitness, fostering kinship, and developing leadership among people of all ages. We embrace the karate philosophy, which promotes individuals who are “inwardly humble and outwardly gentle.”

Karate for All Ages

Our karate programs include classes for children 4 years and up, as well as adults of all ages (including our 55+ Karate program). Karate is a unique martial art for its use of choreographed forms, called katas, which offer these proven benefits in children and adults of all ages:

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Improve memory
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Improve/maintain balance and flexibility
  • Develop self-defence skills and all-around confidence
  • Improve performance in other sports: golf, tennis, squash, hockey, soccer, and more

Douvris also offers the opportunity to participate in competition at various levels, including in-house tournaments, national, and international championships for those students who wish to take their training to the next level.

Special Introductory Trial Offer

The best way to experience the Douvris difference is to give us a try and discover what being a Douvris member is all about.

Karate Trial Offer

Our Karate Trial Offer includes two classes and a new uniform for $19.95. It is valid for anyone aged 4 through adult.

For complete trial offer details please call 613-234-5000.

For complete information about Douvris, visit their website at