New is Not Always Better.

Personal Trainer Chris Taylor

Some exercises are just better than others for certain people. Often when someone follows a program they feel compelled to completely switch the exercises done as their program progresses. This does not always have to be the case! Instead of substituting out a great compound movement for another less effective one just for the sake of ‘switching things up’, try to change the way you do the original movement.

For example, a bench press. A fundamental compound movement to increase push strength in the upper body. Rather than completely taking the exercise out of your ever-evolving program, try different variations of the exercise as your program progresses! Ie: -Pause rep bench press, -close grip bench press, -reverse grip bench press, -slow eccentric bench press, etc. You can also change the original movement by adjusting rep range, tempo (speed), the number of sets are done, etc. This concept can be applied to many other exercises as well. This is a great way to keep the most efficient exercises as part of your regular program, while still changing things up and achieving desired results!