My Top 3: October

David’s Top 3

David, Certified Personal Trainer at the Ottawa Athletic Club shows us his #top3 favourite posture exercises.

1. Thoracic spine foam roll

The exercise massages the muscles of the upper back. Lift your hips off the ground as you roll back and forth with the roller behind your ribs. Try arching your back to get a nice, deep stretch through the thoracic spine.

2. Anchored glute bridge

This exercise release uses a neurological phenomenon whereby engaging the glutes the opposing muscles, the hip flexors, relax. Squeezing a yoga block hard between the knees ensures the pelvis and low back remain the correct position. Drive the hips as high a possible and hold for five seconds. Repeat five times.

3. C1 release

Our heads have a tendency to become locked onto our very top vertebrae. By lying on a duo of yoga balls with the balls elevated and placed where the head meets the neck the muscles can slowly relax. Try it! This one is super relaxing and a fan favourite!


Tune in next month to see which trainer will be sharing their #mytop3 favourite exercises.