My Top 3: May

Ann Marie’s Top 3


Ann Marie Brady, Certified Personal Trainer at the Ottawa Athletic Club give us her #top3 glute exercises.

When your glutes are strong every activity you do from running to hiking or simply walking will have a positive impact.  Your glutes are one of the largest muscles in your body so we need to keep them active and strong.

Romanian Dead lift ( semi stiff legged)
Works the glutes  and hamstrings. Look straight ahead, feet are hip distance apart retract your shoulder blades. Knees are slightly bent about 20 degrees. Hands on the bar beside your knees. Glutes and lats are activated.  Your hands hold the bar, feel like they are tightening the lid on a jar.  Hips shift back, with a neutral  ( do not pull the bar up) hinge, bar is close to legs.  Return to standing.

Barbell Hip Thrusters
Rest your upper back against a bench.  Scapula makes contact with the bench.  Bar goes over the hip bone.  You may want to protect this area with a towel.  Shins stay vertical.  Tuck the tail bone and slowly lower buttocks towards the ground.  Thrust hips up and hold for 1 to 2 seconds, repeat.

Machine Assisted Glute kickbacks
Unilateral isolation exercise ,follow the instructions on the machine and push through the heel , don’t hyper extend the back in the extension of your hip.

Tune in next month to see which trainer will be sharing their #top3 favourite core exercises!