My Top 3: March

Veronique’s Top 3


Are you warmed up enough before your workout?  More importantly, are you getting a good stretch in afterward?  Check out Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist Veronique’s #top3 favorite warm-up and recovery stretches for the month of March!

The Low Lunge

In a half kneeling position.  Give yourself enough space to thrust your hips forward without having your knee pass your toes
  • Have your hands flat on the ground on the inside of your foot and keep your back straight
  • Keep the heel of the front foot on the ground
  • Bonus: You can push your laces into the ground to get a deeper stretch

Half Splits

This will stretch the posterior chain including the hamstrings and the calves.
  • Keep a slight bend in the front knee
  • Dig your heel into the ground

T-Spine Rotation with Reach

This will stretch the back and the chest. Lay on your side with bent knees and hold them with bottom arm.
  • Hug your ribs with your top arm
  • Bring your top shoulder blade towards the ground
  • Lengthen your arm at an angle to stretch your chest
Tune in next month to see which trainer will be sharing their #top3 favourite footwork exercises!