My Top 3: April

Devin’s Top 3


Footwork drills can be a fun way to get in shape while also toning and strengthening your lower body.  Incorporate these drills into your circuit training for rapid weight loss. This month we have our Personal Trainer Devin taking us through his #top3!

Drill 1 (Side Shuffle) Tip

Make sure to move your arms with each step. This is a great choice for beginners because it is easy to learn.

Drill 2 (3/2/3) Tip

This drill is more complex and involves variable speeds within each rep. The 2 steps inside the boxes are meant to be done slowly, while the 3 steps on the outside should be done more quickly.

Drill 3 (single foot in-outs)

Make sure to move both arms and both legs all at once as you perform each step.

Tune in next month to see which trainer will be sharing their #top3 favourite footwork exercises!