Transformation Story: Marc Billard

Marc’s OAC Fitness Journey


This year all of our personal trainers will have the opportunity to share some great fitness stories with you!  So join us every 1st Monday of the month for Transformation Story here at the OAC!

For the month of February, Personal Trainer Tamer Soliman has chosen to feature his client Marc Billard!

Marc: What was your life like before you begin your Fitness Journey at the OAC?

Essentially, I had let myself go for a few years. I ended up getting lethargic and was not doing any regular exercise, I was eating too much and I gained weight. My blood pressure went up a bit and I thought “to hell with this, this is my last chance to get myself going again.”

Marc: What goals did you want to achieve?

The first goal was that I needed to lose about 30 pounds of weight.

My weight was starting to affect my ability to do things. I wanted to get back into skiing, hiking and sailing, among other things. I also wanted to get my left knee back up to its original strength as it had been operated on several years ago and was feeling quite weak. Finally, like everyone’s goal, I wanted to look better and feel better about myself again.

Tamer: What do you feel helped Marc achieve/reach his goals?

Marc is extremely dedicated, and I think one of the things that helped him achieve his goals is his consistency. So, I told him that on top of the two days a week that we were meeting, I really pushed him to work out on other days as well which he has been extremely dedicated to coming to the gym on his off-days from me as well to get that extra work in.

Marc: Describe Tamer in 3 words.

1. Knowledgeable

2. A good Coach

3. Dedicated

Tamer: Describe Marc in the 3 words.

1. Dedicated

2. Hard-Worker

3. Funny

Marc: What is the best advice Tamer gave you?

Apart from the general fitness ideas of being consistent and technique. He provided me with the nutritional side as well. I was showing up to our lessons tired and out of energy so Tamer took a look at my diet and we made a few changes which made a lot of difference in my performance. Even though I now actually eat more, I have actually been losing weight.

Tamer: What advice would you give someone looking to start their own Fitness Journey at the OAC?

Be extremely clear about what it is you want to achieve. There are a lot of friendly faces here at the OAC and once you have some direction as to what you want to achieve, this will be the first step to success.

Marc: What advice would you give someone looking to start their own Fitness Journey at the OAC?

The first thing that I would recommend would be to get thoroughly evaluated by one of the trainers and sign up for a few sessions to make sure you stick to it for at least 2-3 months. Try to do at least do something active every day if possible.