Monday Motivation

My name is Tamer Soliman and I’m a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist here at the Ottawa Athletic Club and I’d like to talk about 2 root vegetables that will fuel for your workouts and boost your immune system,

#1 Yams) and or Sweet Potatoes – When Usain Bolt won the Beijing Olympics 100 meter race his father was interviewed shortly after said something along the lines of he “Usain eats yams for breakfast lunch and dinner, that’s why he’s so fast!”. The science supports this somewhat…”. What we do know for sure is that they’re a low glycemic carbohydrate providing sustained levels of energy without spiking blood sugar. They’re also high in Potassium, Energy producing B Vitamins, vitamin A and Vitamin C.

#2 Beets) In both the Rio and London Olympics the 5000 and 10000m gold medalist winner Mo Farah drank beet juice (instead of sugar-laden Gatorade) before his races. Why? They’re one of the highest sources of Boron a mineral known to lower pressure. The lower your blood pressure – the more easily the oxygen found in your blood and other nutrients it contains can reach your muscles and allow for more efficient muscular contractions. Raw beet juice before working out is great, but if that’s not accessible there are also benefits to including them regularly 2-3 times per week – in your diet by either roasting, steaming or baking them.
So get back to your Roots and fuel up for your workouts!