Monday Motivation – Lise


Meet Lise! One of our valued OAC Personal Training Clients that wants to share her story!

Throughout my life, I have been an active person who has always enjoyed the great outdoors (skiing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, etc.). Until recently, I’d spent very little time in a gym. Recent years have brought injuries leading to a complete lack of fitness, which in turn greatly limited my activities.

After much physio and getting as fit as I could on my own, I rejoined the OAC and met my absolutely amazing trainer, Jodi. Meeting and working with Jodi has completely changed my life! Jodi is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. Her ongoing guidance and support have not only been a great motivator but continually inspire me to be the best I can be. I came in with concrete goals of what I was hoping to achieve. In six months, we have completely shattered these goals and exceeded any expectation I had set for myself.

While working with Jodi, I have lost 28 pounds, gained muscle and strength (while getting smaller) and I also increased my flexibility. My body fat has decreased by 12%, which is now lower than it has ever been in my adult life. I really feel as though my body has been re-engineered. We have tweaked my nutrition, which (amazingly) allows me to eat more than before given how efficient my metabolism has become.

I am incredibly thrilled, proud and blown away by my progress. I am now strong enough to take part in any of the outdoor sports/activities I want. I am pretty much in the best shape I’ve ever been. I always look forward to every workout and I’ve noticed that Jodi certainly seems to enjoy putting me through my paces! I feel empowered about the months to come and with this new fitness level comes a new “bucket list”!

I look forward to taking part in my very first Spartan race in July. I am happy and incredibly grateful for having joined the OAC. Every time I step into that gym, it feels like home!