Group Lessons

This full Red Cross Program teaches children how to swim safely throughout all of the levels.  There are a total of ten levels for the students to go through which are broken down into different sections.  The first section is for preschoolers that accompanied by a parent to complete the program. The second section is the independent program where the students go through the levels themselves. These are for students who are between the ages of 3 and 5. Once a student has completed the Red Cross Programs they will be successful, confident swimmers.

Group lessons are a great opportunity for your child to gain confidence in the water and develop basic swimming techniques while having fun and progressing through the Red Cross swim levels.Group lessons will require that a minimum of 4 participants register at least one week before the start date. Classes with low registration will be cancelled.

Parented Programs for Preschoolers

Parented levels are participation based only, without formal evaluation for children from 4–36 months.

Level 1: Starfish (4–18 months)

This orientation level for babies and caregivers aims to help babies discover buoyancy and movement through songs and play in water and to teach caregivers age-specific water safety. To enter this level, babies must be able to hold their heads up.

Level 2: Duck (18–30 months)

In this orientation level for toddlers and caregivers, swimmers learn to use floating objects for support and explore water movements through games, songs and active water play. Caregivers learn age-specific water safety.

Level 3: Sea Turtle (30–36 months)

In this orientation level for toddlers and caregivers, swimmers learn, through games and songs, how to combine skills, kick with a buoyant object and perform basic floats, glides and kicks.

Independent Programs for Kids

Swimmers may enter Sea Otter at 3 years of age.  Swimmers will progress to higher levels based on their ability. Programs are tailored for children from 3–5 years of age.

Level 4: Sea Otter

This transitional level transfers the preschooler to the care of the instructor. Using games and activities, swimmers learn to open their eyes under water, further develop basic floats and glides, and swim 1metre. They also learn age-appropriate water safety skills.

Level 5: Salamander

Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 2metres, further develop basic floats and increase their distance on front and back glides. Front swim and roll-over glides are introduced.

Level 6: Sunfish

Participating in games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 5 metres, increase their distance using buoyant objects, increase their front and back glides with kick, and further develop roll-over and side glide as well as front swim.

Level 7: Crocodile

Swimmers learn to swim 5metres on their front and back, perform a dolphin kick and begin using rhythmic breathing. Swimmers also progress with kicking drills and increase their swimming distance to 10metres. Safety skills include performing surface support for 10seconds.

Level 8: Whale

Swimmers perform a front and back swim for 10metres, develop their flutter kick and perform a distance swim of 15 metres. Safety skills include jumping into deep water, swimming 5 metres, surface support for 20 seconds and a return to safety.

Red Cross Swim Kids

For children 5 years and up. Participants will improve their strokes and learn about water safety.

Level 1

Swimmers receive an orientation to water and the pool area and work on floats, glides and kicking. Swimmers build their endurance by working on the 5m front swim.

Level 2

Swimmers work on propelling themselves through the water and supporting themselves at the surface of the water.  Swimmers work on a 5m front swim and learn about deep water activities and proper use of PFDs.  Fitness activities include the 10m flutter kick and 10m distance swim.

Level 3

This level provides an introduction to front crawl as well as the foundation for making wise choices around the water. Diving is introduced (outdoor pool only) and swimmers will work on floats and changing direction. Endurance is achieved by building strength in flutter kick and a 15-meter swim.

Level 4

The front crawl (10m), back glide and shoulder roll (15m) for back crawl are further developed. Swimmers work on kneeling dives, surface support (45sec), and developing a greater sense of self safety by understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25-meter swim.

Level 5

Back crawl is introduced (15m), along with sculling skills and whip kick on the back. Front crawl increases to 15metres and swimmers receive an introduction to beating skills. Endurance is built through a 50-meter swim.

Level 6

Front and Back crawl (25m each) continue to be refined as elementary backstroke (15m) is introduced. Swimmers are also introduced to safety on ice, rescues of others with throwing assists, treading water and the front dive (outdoor pool only). Endurance is built through a 75-meter swim.

Level 7

Continues to build skills and endurance for front crawl (50m), back crawl (50m) and elementary backstroke (25m), and introduces whip kick on the front. Swimmers learn about airway and breathing obstructions. Endurance is built through timed treading water and a 150-meter swim.

Level 8

Provides an introduction to the breaststroke (15m), foot first surface dives, and rescue entries. Swimmers learn about the dangers of open water and hypothermia, and the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults. Endurance is built on the dolphin kick, and a 300-meter swim; front and back crawl distances are increased to 75m.

Level 9

Front crawl (100m), back crawl (100m), elementary backstroke (50m), and breaststroke (25m) continue to be refined. They also work on head-first surface dives and standing dives (outdoor pool only) and learn about wise choices, peer influences, and self-rescue from ice. Endurance is built through a 400m swim.

Level 10

This level is a final assessment of strokes for technique and distance (front crawl 100m, back crawl 100m, elementary backstroke 50m, breast stroke 50m, side stroke 25m). Endurance is built by introducing vertical dolphin kick and a 500m swim.