Hydration Tips for Better Performance

Hydration is important!

When we consult with OAC clients many say they don’t drink enough water, such an essential nutrient all biochemical reactions occur in water. In forms structures of large molecules such as protein and glycogen.

With the onset of hot summer days, sweat losses can easily reach 1.5 liters an hour add hot humid climate that number can exceed 2.5 liters.

Fluid loss as little as 1 percent can lead to an elevation of the core temperature of more than 2 percent can impair endurance performance.

Loss of 3-5 percent of body weight results in cardiovascular strain, impaired mental concentration,  slower response time, muscle spasms and heat exhaustion.

How to make sure you get your adequate water intake?

The first step records your weight before training before and after training, with the loss of 0.45 kg equals 0.5l of fluid. Log in the reference