Aquafitness Classes

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Jump in the water and reap the benefits of stretching and working out in water! This class will take you through various movements that will involve cardio, muscular conditioning and flexibility. It is designed for all levels and movements can be modified to meet the needs of all individuals.

Power Aqua

Love reaping the benefits of stretching and working out in the water? Try kicking it up a notch! This high intensity class will take you through a dynamic warm up where you will feel the heat as you work cardiovascular and then build strength with intense movements performed at various intervals. Class is ended by a longer, soothing stretch for your mind, body and soul.

Aqua Bootcamp

While reaping the benefits of working out in the water, you will build functional strength and increase muscular and cardio endurance in this high intensity class. Challenge your mind and body as you work through circuits that will leave tired but wanting more!