OAC Friday Feature

Meet one of the Tribe Julie Watkins – Team Triumph Member!

When I joined Team Triumph I had been working out which consisted of going to the gym, lifting weights, walking and cross country skiing in the winter.

I was prompted to join in the Swim program through Sue Martin Bush who knew that I enjoyed swimming when I went to her cottage. I had no specific goal in mind when I joined.  All I knew after a couple of swims was that I wanted to get out of that first lane.  In my mind, I targeted one of the women that I thought was swimming well and made it my business to beat her.

I also thought that maybe if I started spinning perhaps my cardio would improve and I would be faster in the pool.

I still want to beat the person in the lane next to me but it is getting harder.  Having a goal such as that is what does it for me whether it be surviving a tough spin class or getting through the whole workout written on the board at swim practice.

I think I just got bored with what I was doing before and I never had any plan to improve.  I had never worked out among such an inspiring, positive group of people before and that camaraderie has always made the difference when I am not sure I can do it some days.

At the time I enrolled with Team Triumph I was just looking for something different to try.  I came out of the first swim class feeling like I had a new lease on life.  I was so exhilarated by the intensity of the workout and the supported feeling of having a coach that watched and helped you to get to the best you could be.

I am still working on overcoming the challenge of how much I feel I can push at this point in my life and feeling a bit disappointed with my performance around competition anxiety, but I am still proud to have done the Perth Sprint triathlon.

I never thought I would be operating at this fitness level this late in my life. My kids and husband are proud of the efforts I have made and impressed when we go out for a bike ride or swim that I am so much stronger than I used to be.

I would say that one of the nicest things to discover is that even as we age there are still new things that we can try and new levels of fitness or new sports that we can learn.  Our age does not define our ability and there is no finish line.