Friday Feature – Bruce Walker

OAC Sales Manager

Celebrating over 35 years at the OAC! ? Bruce started here as a member back in 1979.  He received a free membership with another gym in the west end through his football career but made the drive every day as he knew in his heart the OAC was the better fit for him.  In 1983, he was offered to work within our facility and history has been made ever since.  “I loved the OAC then and I still love this facility with all it gives today”.

Some of Bruce’s favorite memories here have been swimming with his daughter as a little girl.  He would throw her into the air and watch her smiling giggling face as she splashed into the pool.  “It was priceless to see a child so happy”.  More memories stem from the countless charitable causes the OAC has been involved with – Ottawa Heart Institute, CHEO, Ronald McDonald House, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Roger Nelson House, etc.  There was always a sense of pride and caring from the countless amount of members who contributed to all of the worthy causes.

Bruce’s name is known to so many of us here at the OAC.  When asked why he continues to work here he simply answered “The people” – He has built so many friendships and relationships throughout the many years being apart of this club.  He also looks forward to coming in each day knowing there will be new challenges, friendly people and a staff he enjoys working with, not to mention he has a huge passion for health and fitness.
Bruce Walker – A true OAC Allstar

Bruce met his wife at the OAC and his daughter met her husband here too! There will soon be a little granddaughter as the newest member of the OAC!!