Friday Feature – Brenda Ross

Team Triumpher Staff Spotlight

I have been in the multi-sport community for over 15 years. I started as a Duathlete and stayed at that sport for 8 years before I realized that I love half ironman’s and that there were very few races available at that distance for duathlon, but for triathlons they were a dime a dozen, so it was time switch. I needed to learn to swim. I have swum with 3 clubs before I started to swim with Team Triumph, but I did not come to the team to swim at first.

When you I started with Team Triumph, it was just in an administrative capacity, but in order to serve the team better (i.e. be able to answer questions about programs in an educated and informative manner) I started taking part in the Friday and Sunday swim classes. Swimming is my limiter (see above) as a triathlete, so what better place to start then with the club swims. I had known about Team Triumph for some time. Julia and I are in the fitness arena which is a small community in Ottawa. I had heard the club was very welcoming and that became apparent the first time I stepped into the change rooms at Canterbury swimming pool.

My one and only goal with the swimming was to learn a new technique and correct my crossover arm stroke. I had been swimming for 7 years and had made progress, but although I had the endurance to complete 4 Ironman’s I knew that if I improved my technique, I would enjoy the swim more and come out of the water not feeling like I was dragged behind a boat.
It took work to unlearn what I had learned for the past 7 years (insert frustration), but I knew that if I just showed up on a consistent basis and listened to the coaches when they gave me technique pointers that things would change. I am happy to report that I did have a PR at my first half ironman in July. Goal achieved!

2018 is an Ironman year for me, so I will continue to work on perfecting my swim technique and endurance by swimming with Team Triumph. All this to say that an old bird can learn new tricks. Triathlon clubs are not just for the new to triathlon athlete. I find being part of a club keeps me accountable. My swim mates and fellow members WILL notice if I am not there and WILL ask when they see me next where I have been. If that is not a motivator to get your behind out the door, I do not know what is.

What is also great about being part of a club is the excitement and true happiness they have for you when you succeed at reaching your goals.