Group Fitness Classes

Athletic Conditioning

Challenge your mind and body in this high intensity, high in fun, full body workout. Work cardiovascular and increase your strength while moving through energized intervals. Each class consists of 8 stations with a minute rest between each round. Bring out your inner athlete and get ready to move.

Ball Core & Strength

Strengthen your entire body with an emphasis on the core while using the stability ball.  Challenge the body to build a strong core and feel the effects in your everyday movement and postural alignment.  Strengthen, tone, build endurance and get ready to have a ball!

Barre Fusion

A combination of ballet barre, Pilates, light weights, and cardio exercises designed to burn calories and strengthen the entire body. You’ll use several types of props, move to high energy music, and find yourself feeling stronger and leaner after each class. Bare feet or stubby socks recommended.


Build functional strength and increase muscular and cardio endurance in this high intensity class. Challenge your mind and body as you work through circuits that will leave you sweating and wanting more.

Cardio Power 45

This class is the same format as our popular Power Hour, but in a 45 minute format. Get challenged in an intense cardio class that will leave you sweating!

Circuit on the Spot

This class is a stationary circuit where cardio is challenge for the first half of the class, free weights and strength are then incorporated with a full body stretch to finish things off. Work with bosu and stability balls to improve balance and core stability. This class is designed for all fitness levels.

Core Crush

Strengthen your core, improving abdominal and back strength while increasing full body flexibility. Workout your full abdominals to the max (rectus abdominals, obliques and transverse)! This is a 30 minute class.

FIRE (Functional Integrated Resistance Exercises)

This class is based on the primrary movement patterns of the human body. Smart and effective tools, such as dumbells, resistance bands, stability balls, gliding discs and gymsticks are used to perform multi-joing compound strengthening exercises, as well as some specific joint stability isolations. Different intensity options are demonstrated for each exercise to cater to all fitness levels.

FIT Express

Challenge your muscular and cardiovascular systems in this 45 minute class. Improve your balance, core stability, coordination, endurance and total body performance. This class adds a great variety to your workouts.


This High Intensity Interval Training class is a total body workout that incorporates cardiovascular and strength work. Enjoy high intensity cardio bursts with strength movements that will tone your body, burn fat, improve your endurance and have you coming back for more!

Keep On Movin’

Strengthen, lengthen, build endurance, build core strength and increase postural awareness. Increase balance, flexibility and mobility in this supportive class environment for older adults. This class includes cardio, muscular work with light weights, bands, core and mat work with a focus on stretching. This is a go at your own pace class for all levels!


Be like water.  Join the recovery system that will rejuvenate your muscles, add mobility to your joints and help you move through your workouts, and life, with fluidity.  MobiliBal teaches you how to practice self-myofascial release (deep tissue massage) with the use of small rubber balls.  Sequences can be practiced almost anywhere on the body, and relieve stress and tension in areas such as the neck and shoulders, low back, hips and knees.  Use this recovery class to minimize risks of injury, and maximize your performance!

Power Hour

Get ready for a workout in our most intense choreographed cardio class on the schedule. Come prepared with your energy as you move, sweat and move with power.

Step Mania

60 minutes of step choreography that is full of quick turns, fast moves and flair. This class is geared towards intermediate to advanced steppers.

Stretch & Flex

This class encourages the muscles to lengthen and relax as we work on flexibility training in a soothing atmosphere. Each class begins with a small warm up to ensure the body is prepared for the flexibility training ahead. Sprinkled with a bit of abdominal work, massaging of the feet and some other treats along the way!


Tabata interval training is an extremely effective high intensity workout that involves simple movements in intense 20 second bursts of movement followed by 10 second rest. Blast body fat, increase strength and stamina and increase cardiovascular endurance!


Join the party as you move yourself into shape. Zumba is an exhilarating, effective and easy to follow Latin-inspired, calorie burning dance party that’s moving millions of people towards joy and health. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started!