Finding the “flow” in squash

Tips to help you get into a flow state before your squash match:

  1. Be mindful (aware, but non-judgmental) about your thoughts and feelings as you approach your competitive environment. Practicing meditation techniques can help you become better at this
  2. If there are feelings of anxiousness obstructing you due to a sense that your perceived skill level is not high enough to match the perceived level of challenge, use arousal control techniques such as deep breathing or listening to calming music to relieve your anxiety
  3. If you find your focus frequently wanders or you often feel distracted, incorporate focusing technique such as imagery or visualization into your routine to help increase your ability to maintain an engaged and concentrated mind
  4. Visualize yourself becoming fully engaged, prepared, and confident when you step on the court with your opponent, ready to immerse yourself in the joy and rhythm of the game
  5. Let yourself become engaged, feel the flow state of mind, and enjoy the feeling of testing yourself and competing

Pros are not the only ones who find an edge to win and control the emotional aspect of winning. Are you having problems winning the fifth set in an arduous battle of squash?

It may be mental not the “old” legs giving in. Did you mentally prepare to play that length of time under pressure? Up 2-0 love and the brain goes for a ‘walkabout”, suddenly losing next 3? Give yourself the flow treatment and watch your game change with a new awareness and state of mind.