The Big 50 November Challenge

It’s the #TheBig50 November edition and not only is there something for everyone…there’s  lot’s of it!  You asked for it and we listened!  We picked  the best of each month and of course made it a little more challenging! This is an intense workout so 1 round should do it and if you are looking to get on that pain train then go for 3! Make sure you are warmed up and have fun with it!  See you in next month for the #Big50 December…you won’t want to miss it!

  • January- 50 Alternating Walking Lunges with Curl and Press
  • February- 50 Second Partner Plank with Med Ball Pass
  • March- 50 Alternating Kneeling Step Ups
  • April- 50 Calorie Row
  • May- 50 Supine Double Leg Lift with Hip Raise
  • June- 50 TRX Jumping Sprinter Lunges (25 right side and 25 left side)
  • July-  50 Kettlebell Squat with row (25 right side and 25 left side)
  • August- 50 Second Triceps Dips
  • September- 50 TRX Reverse Lunge with Straight Leg Deadlift
  • October- 50 Second Box Jumps with Burpees

Let us know how you did on this challenge and what you think of the room on our social media accounts!