The Big 50 May Challenge

It’s #TheBig50 May Challenge and the CRUNCH is ON!!! This month we are focused on those finicky abdominal muscles.  After all…summer is almost here so let’s get down to it!

Try these 10 different ab exercises for 50 seconds each…10 seconds to move from one posture to the next.  (No need to count reps…just put the timer on for one minute at a time!)

The key here is to work in the specific order below to activate upper, lower and oblique muscles independently.

Add this to your weekly training X3 and get ready for that summer body!

  • 50 second Ball Crunch
  • 50 second Twisting Toe Touch
  • 50 second Leg Raise
  • 50 second V Crunch
  • 50 second Bicycle
  • 50 second Dead Bug
  • 50 second Ball Pass
  • 50 second Russian Press
  • 50 second Beached Whale
  • 50 second Reverse Crunch

BONUS! Want a little extra challenge? Find a partner and finish off with  50 second plank claps. You’ve got this! Let us know how you did on this challenge on our social media accounts.