How to Adjust the T Position

Tuesday Tip: The Squash T Position

Today I’m going to talk about how to change your T position. Do you play a high T or a back-T position? Most good players have been taught to hit the ball deep from the back of the court: then all the sudden they will play someone who attacks well from the back of the court and they will have trouble adjusting their T position. I also find that most B and C players hang far back on the T because they simply struggle getting the ball out of the back corners. While many beginners don’t get to the T at all, they just sit and admire their previous shots

At an advanced level the T floats. In the video you can see both players fighting for middle ground and adjusting the T with good footwork and split steps. Lunge movements and strong balanced reaches are key. The average player will need to work on strengthening both legs. You can also see both players use the opposite leg to save time in recovery.

The average player plays too far back! Your T position does not allow the ability to cover attacking drops and drives. If you keep the feet moving and pushing forward, the results show in efficiency and coverage. Too many of us use small steps to reach difficult retrieves.

The game of squash is explosive and fun at every level. Improve your T and see the difference in your matches. Hitting the court to warm up should include some split steps, shuffle steps and lunges to get the legs engaged in the first rally.

In the video you can see we have is two of our top juniors from our Squash program battling the small piece of real estate called the T.