3 reasons why you should consider putting your child into Squash

A few reasons why you should consider putting your child in the OAC Squash Camps this summer:
  • The health benefits in squash are second to none. Forbes magazine voted squash the healthiest sport in the world. They took into consideration, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, Strength and flexibility. When you also include that you burn on average 520 calories for every 30 minutes you spend playing, squash is a worthy winner. During our camps we spend 3-4 hours on court a day so juniors attending the OAC will most certainly get a great workout.
  • Squash is a sport that is extremely popular in the USA at junior level, and is now following similar trends in Canada. It is used as a way into Ivy League schools in the states as a minority sport. If you think about it, how many juniors play American Football and Basketball in North America….. the competition is going to be so fierce that it is virtually impossible to get a scholarship. This isn’t the same with squash due to the participation numbers being lower. Over the last four years we have had two OAC juniors achieve scholarships to Dartmouth!!
  • Our OAC Elite Camp that is held every year has been hugely successful. Due to coach Ian Woodhead having links and working with some of the top players in the world in the UK, we boast guest coaches that are no lower than world top 30! This year Tom Richards (world 29 and ex world number 11) will be coming over to work with juniors in July. This is something that very few clubs in Canada, let alone Ottawa can offer.

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