For 40 years the OAC has been Ottawa’s premiere Health, Sport and Fitness Club, offering the highest quality amenities, programs and exceptional professional service. Our longevity and success is testament to our quality, service and innovation.

Enhance your quality of life

The OAC’s mission is to enhance the quality of life through the promotion and education of healthy lifestyle, physical fitness and sports. Founded by Ottawa entrepreneur and health enthusiast Sol Shabinsky, the club has flourished and evolved as Ottawa’s most highly regarded and best equipped full service fitness facility.

The highest quality

Whether your interest is sport, fitness, relaxation or a combination of all three, the Ottawa Athletic Club gives you the choice of a multitude of activities seven days a week, 364 days a year. Through the promotion of a balanced lifestyle, family fitness, healthy mind and body, and community spirit, the OAC strives to be the very best — offering the highest quality amenities, programs and exceptional personal service.

Family owned

Unlike Goodlife or Movati, we are a family-owned club with 40 years of experience. After suffering a heart attack at the age of 38, Sol Shabinsky was in desperate need of a rehabilitation facility to help with his recovery. With no such facility in the region, the successful real estate developer decided he would have to build it! It wasn’t long after that the foundation was set and in the fall of 1976 the doors opened and ushered in people of all ages finding a place that offered a diverse combination of sports, fitness and programming all in one complex. And now 40 years later, under the stewardship of his son Ian (OAC President), the Ottawa Athletic Club continues to be the leader in the industry, providing an environment dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy and excel in both fitness and sport. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding services to our members, who always come first.

Meet some of our staff families who work and play together at the OAC…

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