The Key to Achieving Your Goals


Motivation will only persist for as long as the desire to obtain something remains greater than a difficulty in achieving it.

During the times that motivation wanes, the ability to see beyond the work, frustration, stress, and stagnation must be what carries you.  The wellspring from which all that flows starts with discipline, and discipline creates habits.  Habits, and not motivation, will be the thing that helps you arrive at goal attainment.

Ditch the need to be motivated.  Motivation will come easy.  You won’t have to go searching for it when you have a strong desire for something.  The important thing to do is have habits that keep carrying you when motivation is absent.

Tips for Reaching your Goals

  1. Stop seeking the short-term reward, and look down the difficult path that leads to potential greatness.
  2. Don’t rely on motivation for success. Create a life instilled with discipline that creates habits.
  3. Stop focusing on the setbacks or the highpoints as the landmark for your work. Focus on what’s consistent and use that as the baseline for your progress.
  4. Create a mental shift that defines needs and removes wants.
  5. Don’t make wholesale changes from a plan even when the returns on your investment are not exceptional. Small adjustments will give you the greatest degree of feedback on where more success is hiding.