Master Class

The Master-Class program is suited to those for whom the mastery of tennis has become a central interest. It is characterized by a long-term vision, combined with a volume of practice and play that is designed to permit rapid improvement. It is more individualized than other programs, incorporates off-court physical-athletic training as a key ingredient, and provides access to our master-class teaching pros and apprentices.

The Master-Class Pathway of Progress proceeds in three stages: Classical Foundations, Playing is Learning, Mastery & Refinement. These three are overlapping, inter-connected and cyclical in nature, but they nevertheless describe a relatively clear-cut path of development.

The Classical Foundations (C.F.) program is for those with limited experience of practice and play, but long-term aspirations. The annual plan at this stage revolves around the precise development of essential skills at mental, physical, tactical and technical levels. The tennis playing level is Intermediate, and play is achieved mainly through in-house, local and OTA Rookie or 2-star events.

The Playing is Learning (P.I.L.) stage takes over when the annual plan begins to be conditioned by a schedule of competitive play. The tennis level is now more advanced, and play is provincial to national in scope.

The Mastery & Refinement (M.R.) stage occurs as the schedule is conditioned mainly by national and international events, and as the level of play emerges as ‘world class.’


Each Master-Class student has their own regimen of practice and play, as laid out by Program Leaders (Classical Foundations Stage) or Lead Coach (Playing is Learning+).

The Minimum-Maximum volume of weekly practice & play is as follows for the various age groups:

  • Ages 8-9: 10-15 hours
  • Ages 10-12: 14-20 hours
  • Ages 13+: 16-30 hours

It is understood that for those in the P.I.L and M.R. stages of the program, the minimum values may change depending on tournament scheduling, especially during peak competition seasons.

Program Schedules

The Program Leaders and/or Lead Coach will create a training schedule for each student, in consultation with parents and players.

The bulk of the training occurs in the following days and times:

  • Monday through Thursday, 2:00 – 6:00pm
  • Monday through Thursday, 3:00 – 7:00pm
  • Sundays, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Depending on schooling arrangements, students will attend a combination of these sessions, which, combined, will permit them to achieve the volume of training and play required for their age group. In some cases, training plans can include sessions outside these core training blocks, such as for kids willing and able to attend early mornings, or those who achieve extra volume by participating in after-school Annual Program groups, or the NTS House League, etc. These decisions are made on an individualized basis, with NTS coaching staff ultimately determining the eligibility and suitability of such arrangements.

NOTE: If parents or guardians are unable to provide transportation to the practice sessions that commence during normal work hours (i.e. the 2 pm and 3 pm start times), the service can often be provided by OAC/NTS personnel. Additional fees apply. Please make Program Leaders aware of any such situations.

Training Content

The training activity of all Master-Class students will represent a combination of some or all of the following activities:

  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons (Master-Class Only Groups, and/or NTS Annual Program Groups)
  • In-House or Regional Leagues & Matchplay Programs
  • Hitting Partner Sessions
  • Practice Matches
  • Physical Training Program (this will be based on periodic testing and specific goals/targets, and will constitute a minimum of 30-40% of total training activity)
  • Tennis Classroom (Covering areas related to Understanding the Game, Tactical and Mental Dimensions, Nutrition, Pre and Post match Routines, etc.)
  • The precise combination of activities will vary from student to student, based on needs, objectives, and training and competition cycles. The decision on such matters is in the hands of the Program Leaders or Lead Coach.

Schedule of Competition

Each student will have a schedule of competition. This will be established on an annual basis and reviewed seasonally. The schedule will be established in collaboration with parents, so the logistical and financial commitments involved will be understood and agreed by all concerned.


Consultations will be held every 6-8 weeks, including program leaders and/or lead coach, parents, students, and any others involved regularly in the training program. The purpose will be to review progress, discuss concerns or questions, and establish plans, priorities and objectives for the coming months.

Eligibility & Registration Process

  • Eligibility begins at age 8 and is based on:
  • Enthusiasm
  • Commitment (as evidenced by willingness and ability to meet the logistical and financial requirements of the program)
  • Minimal playing level and experience (beginners and those lacking at least 1 full year of tennis training are not eligible)
  • Long-range perspective and goals, and
  • Sympathetic rapport with the Noble Tennis approach to learning, sportsmanship and ongoing perfectment.
  • The process of registration is as follows:
  • Initial assessment and consultation with Tony Roth, Ben Etheve-Meek, or Carlo Zambri. Approximately 30 mins.

If Master-Class is a good fit, a further consultation will be scheduled to finalize the specific initial schedule and plan for each student.  If not, alternative options to the program will be investigated.

The annual fee covers the following:

All activities that occur as part of the agreed training plan and regimen for each student.

  • The presence of NTS coaches during local tournaments
  • 6 weeks of full-time summer training
  • Regularly Scheduled Consultations with program Leaders and/or lead Coach (every 6-8 weeks), including the periodic production of documents outlining Annual and Seasonal plans, priorities and objectives
  • Additional activities, such as coach attendance at out-of-town tournaments, match video review from out-of-town tournaments, extra training activities beyond the normal schedule (e.g. holiday Mondays), additional weeks of summer training, scheduled consultations above and beyond the regularly scheduled, or other items, may entail additional fees.

Scholarship Program

The OAC and Noble Tennis School recognize that enthusiasm, ability and commitment do not always go hand-in-hand with the necessary financial resources. It is for this reason that we offer scholarships, full and partial, into our programs. Our resources in this regard are not unlimited, but it is our desire to ensure that those who love the game and aspire to its mastery will be permitted to do so.

The following criteria must continually be met in order for a student to qualify as a recipient of financial assistance:

  • Genuine need for financial assistance.
  • Commitment to the program and all it entails.
  • Honourable conduct from both student and parents.
  • Cooperation and support of the Noble Tennis School and the Ottawa Athletic Club.
  • Training must be exclusively with the OAC/NTS, unless otherwise agreed (e.g. a national training camp)

Failure to meet the above conditions will result in suspension or total withdrawal of financial support. These decisions lie solely in the hands of the Tennis Director, in consultation with Teaching Staff and OAC management.

All Scholarship and Subsidy requests/applications must be approved by the NTS Director. Tax returns and other financial information may be required as part of the assessment process.

Tony Roth
Tennis Director
613-523-4024 ext. 226
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