Viva Monthly Maintenance Program

Ongoing for Viva graduates

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The monthly program offers Viva graduates a fun way to stay connected and committed to taking care of their health and well-being. They receive ongoing support, tools and inspiration to continue living a happy, healthy life!
Each month, participants receive:
  • Private fitness class with a variety of fun classes to explore (kickboxing, aquafit, yoga and more!)
  • Guided group discussions with practical tips and advice to maintain progress and continue to build on the good habits developed in previous Viva programs
  • A supportive forum to share successes and work through any challenges
  • A monthly theme to motivate and inspire participants, keeping everyone on track and on purpose
  • Ongoing support from the Group Leader, Jane Dare, and Certified Health Coach Brandi Cowl
  • Access to the private Viva Facebook page
Participants enjoy continuous inspiration to stay on track and committed to a life that is healthy, balanced, purposeful, and infused with joy!


Viva Testimonials:

“Viva Divas was one of the best investments in myself!  The program gave me the tools to move forward by organizing my daily activities to allow me to reach my goals in a more productive manner, as well as coping when things go sideways.  I am committed and accountable for my actions. Thank you!”

“Viva revved up my fitness and health routine, introducing new strategies to reinforce personal goals. Brandi’s positive and non-judgmental approach supports achievable and sustainable change”

“I would like to thank you for everything Brandi! The Viva Program gave me more knowledge about food, meditation and how to organize my meals, my week and myself!”

“I finished the program more than six months ago and was just looking at my binder tonight–i am sitting in front of a fire at our cottage–and was re-inspired. I have to admit I sometimes fall off course…but I keep trying. The binder and tips are amazing and I will use it forever!‎ Thank you for this”


Claudia Serrano
Health & Wellness Coach
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