Viva 21 Day Kickstart

Begins May 6 – May 27

Cost: $119 or join with a friend and get it for $109 each!

Register for the Viva 21 Day Kickstart at the Front Desk or email us at

Receive practical tips and advice that you can easily implement to help you live with more energy, a healthier weight, a stronger body, a calmer mind and abundant self-care.

  • Start improving your eating habits,
  • Explore different types of physical activity, and
  • Learn tips and skills to help you reduce stress and feel more positive every day!

The program covers topics including: what food do we want on our plate, and how much of it; how to save time, money and stress with meal-planning; what to order when eating out; learning what kind of snacks fuel our body; the importance of scheduling time for exercise and self-care; how to better deal with stress, and much more!

Enjoying a Viva Lifestyle is to live a happy, healthy, balanced life on purpose and with joy.


  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge with access to all OAC facilities and classes. Work out every day for 21 days! There will be prizes for anyone who does!
  • Goal-Setting Workshop at the start of the program, May 6th from 1:00 to 2:15pm, to help you set your goals to eat well, be active and feel great! At the same time, you’ll gain valuable tips, techniques and support as you meet others who are also following the program. You are not in this alone!
  • Celebrate Your Success + Plan for the Future Workshop at the end of the 21 days, May 27th from 1:00 to 2:15pm, to share your success and ensure you have the tools you need to maintain your momentum and keep up your motivation
  • Weekly emails providing valuable information, tools, recipes and tips to guide and support you through your journey
  • Support from a certified Health Coach to answer any questions you might have
  • Opportunity to join Viva graduates in their exclusive Viva programming
  • Prizes and fun!


“VIVA Kickstart has been a great program to get me started on my lifestyle change. Claudia is a great support and gives you great tools to start you on your way to success. She created a safe and welcoming environment where we felt secure in sharing our issues. She was understanding and had great suggestions in what we could do to overcome the problems we were dealing with. I enjoyed talking to a group where, even though everyone was working towards something different, we could all still relate to each other. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting a change in their life.”

“The Viva Kickstart Program, worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals. Through Claudia’s leadership and motivational skills, I was able to lose some weight while learning how to not only lose weight and stay motivated but to change my lifestyle with healthy new habits.”

“Since joining the program with Claudia, she has instilled in me the confidence & discipline I need to continue to improve myself through good nutrition and physical activity. Now I am more aware of what it takes to maintain a healthy body.”

“If you want to create new healthy habits and overall feel better about yourself then I highly recommend you the Kickstart Program. Thank you Claudia for helping me and giving me the motivation I always needed!”

Claudia Serrano
Health & Wellness Coach
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