Viva Healthy Living & Weight Management Program

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The beauty of the Viva lifestyle is that the results are lasting and sustainable. Participants build new habits that keep them happy, full of energy and enjoying an active, vibrant lifestyle. Participants from past sessions are STILL enjoying the success of their efforts long after completing the program.

Viva is a holistic lifestyle program designed to offer the tools we need to live a healthy, balanced life on purpose and with joy. One of the best parts of this course is the weekly support and sharing in the group discussions. Core to the program is comprehensive 12 week healthy living course covering topics including:

  • Goal-setting; food basics; choosing the right activity for me; overcoming obstacles; planning and time management; effective communication; and how to maintain your motivation
  • The course includes a Viva Resource Manual and a Food & Activity Journal

Participants also receive:

  • A 3-month platinum membership to the Ottawa Athletic Club
  • Personal training
  • Individual health coaching
  • Optional fun group activities to explore OAC offerings (together we’ve tried Greco, tennis, cardio fit classes, yoga, aquafit and more!)

This comprehensive nutritional, fitness, and coaching program supports participants through each stage of their wellness journey.



Viva Testimonials:

“Carving out time for your own health and well-being is tough. There is no quick fix. But Brandi and the VIVA program have given me the tools and the support to figure out a path that will work for me even when life gets busy.”

“The Viva Program provides the right integrated mix of activities and tools — information on a broad range of factors that influence my health and well-being, combined with specific, personalized suggestions and ideas to overcome my personal challenges. Brandi’s approach is positive, optimistic and yet realistic.The group is critical to my success, as having other OAC members engaged in the same experience gives me a sense of momentum and support.”

I joined the Viva program not really knowing what to expect.  I knew I needed and wanted to change a few things in my life and I thought this might be the perfect fit.  I knew what I needed to do, but I didn’t know how to start. With all of the tools and Viva Diva support, I have achieved and over exceeded my goals.  I am strong, healthy and energetic.  I have accomplished a complete lifestyle change and I have a whole new outlook on life.

The Viva program offered everything I needed to propel me onto the right track for making healthy lifestyle and fitness choices.  Brandi’s supportive and informative sessions gave me the tools to embed healthy routines into my life while reflecting on what is really important and realistic to achieve.


Claudia Serrano
Health & Wellness Coach
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