Viva Autumn Renewal

Summer is winding down and that means the business of Fall will start to take hold. Join Claudia – our Viva Health and Wellness coach – in our Autumn Renewal. Learn how to stay fit and healthy through all of the Fall hustle and bustle.

Dates: Saturdays (October 13 – 27) 9:30 – 10:30 am

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Viva Testimonials

“Feeling energized, feeling good”

“Never better. Love it and the results I see in how my clothes fit”

“I’m feeling well. Enjoying the feeling of accomplishment every night at bedtime”

“I’m feeling really good. My clothes feel great (not tight) and I think this was a really good way to cleanse. I’m very happy I followed this program. Thanks for all your support”

“Feeling much better and quiet a bit more energy during the day. Thanks for the program”

“Viva Divas was one of the best investments in myself!  The program gave me the tools to move forward by organizing my daily activities to allow me to reach my goals in a more productive manner, as well as coping when things go sideways.  I am committed and accountable for my actions. Thank you!”

” The Viva Program gave me more knowledge about food, meditation and how to organize my meals, my week and myself!”

“I finished the program more than six months ago and was just looking at my binder tonight–i am sitting in front of a fire at our cottage–and was re-inspired. I have to admit I sometimes fall off course…but I keep trying. The binder and tips are amazing and I will use it forever!‎ Thank you for this”

“I have been on VIVA program for over 6 months. Claudia has coached me to eat right, while paying attention to my cravings. She has given very practical tools to move more and eat clean during this program. She had exercise suggestions integrated as a part of your day that are all wonderful life tools to keep you healthy and active. I went through one-on-one coaching to address my eating habits and also was a part of the cleanse program recently. Both are immensely helpful to create healthy habits that you can keep for your life. I have more energy and I am overall more active. I have to say that is the best investment I’ve made for myself.  I know I will never go back to what I used to be 6 months ago. Her recipes are tasty and healthy too.” 

Health Coaching

Claudia Serrano is the OAC’s certified Health & Wellness Coach. She partners with you to both assess your level of health and wellness and also develop tools and strategies to implement lasting changes. Her guidance and support will empower you to create healthy habits and behaviours to improve your wellbeing and happiness.Claudia believes that all the areas in your life are interconnected and unique to you. When these areas are in balance, you will feel more nourished, fulfilled, organized and purposeful.

Some of the areas you can address are eating habits, physical activity, self-care, stress management, goal setting, sleep and relaxation, mindfulness, life satisfaction, spirituality, career, finances, and relationships. You choose what you want to focus on to improve your health and wellness, and Claudia will guide you towards changes that feel healthy and empowering.

She offers both group and individual coaching.

Contact Claudia today at for your complimentary coaching session.


Hola, I’m Claudia Serrano, an engineer, a wife and a mom of three. I’m also a certified Health and Wellness Coach and am delighted and honoured to join the OAC team with Viva, an exclusive healthy living and weight management program.

My health journey began after I became a mom, when I was so devoted to my kids that I forgot about me. I was tired, out of shape, moody and not eating well. I was drained. I wasn’t giving myself the care I deserved. But I was determined to find balance again, both for myself and my family. With the help of a Health Coach, I incorporated changes that brought positive results. Because dancing is in my blood and something I love, I became a Zumba instructor. I noticed that my participants were not only having fun but also feeling better, having more energy and enjoying their bodies.

I fully committed myself to wellness and became a Health and Wellness Coach supporting and empowering others to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. I believe that all the areas in our lives are interconnected and unique to each of us. When these areas are in balance, you feel more nourished, fulfilled, organized and purposeful. Is my health perfect as a result? No way, it’s a work in progress for everyone. Every day there’s something new to learn and to do, but every step I take brings me closer to my goal.

What you can do to adopt a healthier lifestyle? I invite you to meet me for a complementary consultation to answer your questions and discuss how I can best support you. Please email me at Helping people to achieve a healthy, balanced life with purpose and joy is truly my passion. Let me help you to live the Viva Lifestyle!

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