Yoga Teacher Training Program

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200-hour Immersion Program

This 200-hour immersion program, developed and led by Brandi Cowl, is designed to empower you to live and share your yoga more deeply – both on your mat and in your life.

Between October 2016 and June 2017, we will delve into the traditional yogic teachings while consciously adapting them to our modern life.

Throughout this training, you will expand your yoga practice (developing greater strength and flexibility) while learning essential techniques to share your yoga as a teacher (building your knowledge of yogic teachings and growing your confidence). Only at the OAC will you have the opportunity to study in four deep immersions – building, learning and growing together – and then integrate and apply these learnings in your daily life.

Regardless of whether you plan to teach (or if you are already teaching), this 200-hour immersion is the best way for you to deepen and grow your yoga practice.

Brandi Cowl
Yoga Program Manager
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