Aquafitness Classes

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This class is suitable for all levels and workload and will be modified to meet the needs of all individuals. This class is a full mind, body and spirit workout and will include cardio, muscular conditioning and flexibility. Jump on in and join the fun!

Power Aqua

This class is a high intensity class that is suited for intermediate and advanced participants. Start with a dynamic warm up, feel the heat as you work cardiovascular and then build strength with intense movement. End this class with a soothing stretch for the body and soul.

Aqua Variety

Jump in the pool for this fun filled 45 minute aquafitness class that includes a little of this and a little of that. Interval training, equipment, cardiovascular and muscular endurance may be included. Grab an aqua belt and have fun suspended as you ride the aquafitness wave!

Andre Bourguignon
Group Fitness Coordinator
613-523-1540 ext. 280
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