200 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training with Kerry Lundy

Developed and led by Kerry Lundy, the OAC’s 200 HR Hatha TT is designed to empower you to live and share your yoga more deeply – both on your mat and in your life.

Join us in January, 2020 where we will delve into the traditional yogic teachings while consciously adapting them to our modern life. Expand your yoga practice while learning essential techniques to share your yoga as a teacher by developing greater strength and flexibility, building your knowledge of yogic teachings and growing your confidence. Regardless of whether you plan to teach (or if you are already teaching), this 200 HR immersion is the best way for you to deepen and grow your yoga practice.

At the end of this program – by meeting the following expectations and pending approval of your lead instructor – you may earn your certificate for the 200 HR Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT):

  • Attendance at all sessions is mandatory
  • Three teaching practicums
  • One 45-minute oral presentation
  • 3 class reports (reflections provided)
  • Regular yoga practice and attendance of at least 10 classes with different teachers at the club.
  • Keep up with homework, including required reading, writing practice and teaching