OAC Friday Feature

Meet Kurt Mansergh – OAC Yoga Instructor!

I’ve loved sports ever since I can remember. I played a lot of basketball and hockey but my passion would have been board sports, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and surfing when I found myself near the ocean. In my late teens, I started going to the gym to lift weights. Fortunately for me, I had older and experienced friend’s who competed in Powerlifting or Bodybuilding so I had some great people to train and learn from.

I was a curious kid, starting at a young age I took an interest in philosophy, religion, and spirituality. So around eight years ago my curiosity brought me to yoga. In the beginning, I was primarily focused on the physical aspect of the yoga postures (asana) but as I practiced more and with the guidance from teachers I began to delve deeper. I started to practice meditation along with asana and quickly realized this was a path I needed to pursue. So a few years ago I traveled to India to live in an ashram and study under a classically trained Himalayan yoga master. It goes without saying that this was a particularly inspirational time for me. I came back from this experience very different outlook on yoga and how it impacts my life every moment.

I can’t say I have one role model. I have so many amazing people in my life that inspire me through their experiences and desire to grow personally and build up their community as well. However, there is one special person that is my biggest support and inspiration: The love of my life Genevieve Munro. We were brought together a year ago (if you want to know that wild story you should ask me in person) and I can honestly say that every day since that first encounter she has empowered me through her example to continue learning and growing by means self-reflection and compassion. She is a phenomenal person and yoga teacher who strives to help build the community from the most genuine heart space.

I love to learn new ways of moving my body and breaking old patterns. So really, if I haven’t tried this type of activity yet I’ll be very enthusiastic about learning it! One of my favorite things to do is longboard, (oversized skateboard) since we don’t have waves to surf you will catch me cruising around my neighborhood on my longboard riding the “waves”. I’ve been longboarding for 17 years and still enjoy every minute of it! Riding with my partner Gen or some friends around town is always a great time.

I also love to teach people who have never had the opportunity to try it, nothing beats seeing their eyes light up the first time they hop on.