Friday Feature – Genevieve Sirois 

OAC Team Triumpher

Last September, I started doing personal training with David Dallaire at the Ottawa Athletic Club.  When I met with him, I told him I registered for the 5150 in Tremblant at the end of June, and that I needed help.  He put me in touch with Team Triumph Triathlon Club right away and a few weeks later I had signed up for swimming on Sunday mornings with the Team.

In December, I signed up for the Saturday spin class, then added the Thursday spin class a few months later.  During that time, I also met with Julia Aimers (Owner/Operator/Head Coach) to start a 6-month person coaching training plan.

My goals were to be able to catch up to my 4yr old, stay healthy and not get injured, and finish with a smile on my face!  It was important for me to achieve these goals to break a vicious cycle of inactivity and to get back into shape.  I had this goal for over 5 years but was too overcome by compounding life events that I did not act on it.  I had tried on and off to exercise on my own in the last 5 years, but the inactivity momentum was too strong and prevailed.  I had also lost confidence in my abilities and did not know where to start.  So, when David put me in touch with Julia, I seized the opportunity because I knew I would feel supported, although I felt several fears, such as not belonging and not being able to keep up to the group to name a few.

What I enjoyed most about training with the Club was meeting people and coaches who were friendly, welcoming and candid about their own struggles.  I felt I was not alone.

Through the course of my training from Jan to June, I was challenged by my recurring “life circumstances”.  So, I missed a few weeks here and there, but I started getting creative on making up for missed training by attending other classes and training on my own as I now had more energy and slept better.

What I am most proud of since starting is sticking with it.  I am also very proud of having completed the 5150 because it seemed unachievable, even back in May during the training camp.

Now that I have achieved my goals, I am reminded that I am always stronger than I think and that I am capable of great things.  My immune system is also much stronger!

If I had not started training and did not join the Team, I would still be out of shape, tired, likely catching every virus around me, and would be hiding at home putting everyone else’s needs before mine.   I would also be at higher risk of injury at my workplace, which requires a great deal of physical effort.