OAC Friday Feature

Meet Triumpher Cecile Beaurepaire – Team Triumph Member!

When I moved to Ottawa, I wanted to continue to train with a triathlon club, as I had been training with one in Montreal.

I come from a background of ballet (20 years), long distance running (half marathon/marathon) and crossfit, but I wanted to improve my swimming and build up my distances in running again.

I’ve always loved swimming and being in the water (took lessons as a child), but as an adult, I was excited to explore how to improve the technical aspects of my stroke.

What I felt held me back was finding a coach that would really help me out and forcing myself to get in the pool in the early mornings.  I had tried to train on my own by going to the pool and swimming laps, but I knew that I enjoyed the led practice aspect a lot more.

When I got to Ottawa I searched the internet for Triathlon Clubs and I found Team Triumph.  I was nervous when I signed up (new city, new people). What I like best about working with Team Triumph is the quality of coaching and the individualized approach.

I have had some challenges reaching my swimming and running goals.  I had to take a few months off running due to a nagging injury in my foot.  I also had an old shoulder injury that would flare up when I start swimming more, but I sought out medical professionals instead of just waiting for the injury to magically heal on its own and that has helped.

Since I have joined Team Triumph I have had great gains in the pool and I feel like I have become a more efficient swimmer.

My swimming is improving, I’m back to running and I am maintaining my cycling endurance this winter, so… I am now looking at training for a half ironman, “well, maybe”!

If I did not join Team Triumph I would have trained on my own as much as possible, but I think with limited success.

To see Cecile’s video click here!