Forehand Volleys

Forehand Volleys


Great squash starts with playing early with volleys and quick movement. Good preparation with shoulders and open face will give you an edge. Why let your opponent back to the T with a ball off the bounce…hunt the Ball!

Because we can all hit the ball harder on the forehand volley compared to the backhand volley, we can hit cross-court with more speed and aggression, so there is less risk of sending the ball across the court and through the middle. This is an especially useful shot when intercepting a straight drive. You are aiming to hit the ball hard and low to the backhand side before your opponent has time to get forward after their shot. It’s good to aim low, but not too low as this shot doesn’t require that much risk. Hopefully, you will send the ball into the back backhand corner and make it bounce twice before your opponent can get anywhere near it.

Again, do not over-use. You still need to play some forehand volley drops, straight drives and boasts too, so you do not become too predictable on your forehand volley.

Good deceptive volleys at the pro level may use more wrist at impact—may take a while to develop—but worth a shot!

Two squash puns, anyone get the first?