Douvris Confidence Course

What Does Every Parent Want?

A child who stands up for themselves, is a leader not a follower, and can overcome any obstacle to achieve his or her goals. With the DOUVRIS CONFIDENCE COURSE your child will start the next school year with the confidence they need to succeed!
  • Our Confidence Course runs for 6 weeks and starts the week of July 3, July 17, & July 31.
  • The course is for children ages 4-12.
  • Cost: Only $149 and includes a FREE uniform!
Classes starting soon. Reserve your child’s spot today  – call  us at 613-234-5000 or click the button below!

Karate Builds Self Esteem & Self Worth

A healthy self-esteem is like a child’s armor against the challenges of the world. Kids who know their strengths and weaknesses tend to feel good about themselves and have an easier time handling negative pressures. Our Confidence course is designed to help children feel more confident about themselves by recognizing their achievements and celebrating their accomplishments. Each child enrolled in our course will receive our Confidence Course Booklet. Within the booklet we explain what confidence is, how children can show confidence, and how to practice being confident. For children with lower self esteem, completing the course material gives them a visual of their current strengths and allows them to build their self-esteem through these exercises. The course material allows children to think about what they currently do to make themselves a better person.

Overcoming Bullying with Our Karate Confidence Course

If your child has been bullied or is being bullied, then our karate confidence course can rebuild your child’s confidence. For a child being bullied, it creates a lot of anxiety and insecurities from within. Continued bullying overtime starts to re-write their thought process to center on negative thoughts of not being good enough. These internal thoughts directly impact their self-esteem, self-worth and well being. Karate will build your child’s self-esteem by providing them with encouragement, giving them awards for completing belt levels, and having strong, positive role models for them to admire. Our karate program aids to change their internal voice to more positive thoughts on how they feel about themselves and teaches them to stand-up in the face of adversity.

One component of our karate curriculum focuses on self defense and how to stay safe. The first part of our self defense teaches children how to defuse those situations with words and how to avoid it from escalating. We teach children to be assertive not aggressive. Another part of our self defense course teaches them how to protect themselves just in case the situation turns physical. When your child comes home from school, you probably don’t want to hear that they were in a fight, though wouldn’t you feel better knowing your child had the capability to fight back and protect themselves from harm? Karate doesn’t teach children to fight, to the contrary, it teaches them to protect him or herself, if and when absolutely necessary. The best way for your child to learn to protect themselves is to learn proper self defense skills and to have those skills routinely practiced so it becomes second nature. Our DOUVRIS karate program will teach your child defense skills so that they can assertive towards bullies and protect themselves.