The Big 50 March Challenge

Are you ready for the next #TheBig50 challenge?! This month we are focusing on circuit style training! That means five exercises, 10 reps per exercise, three rounds.

Get warmed up and get ready to tackle the following:

  • 10 Chin Ups
  • 10 Alternating Step Ups (10 right leg, 10 left leg)
  • 10 Alternating Step Ups with Bicep Curls (10 right leg, 10 left leg)
  • 10 Clap Push-Ups
  • 10 Ball Passes (with a friend or ball toss on your own)

Make sure you grab a weight that you’re comfortable with and repeat these exercises three times! This circuit targets muscular endurance. The idea is to take short breaks between exercises however, you should pace yourself and focus on form. Let the journey continue and let us know how it goes! You’ve got this!