Are We Going to the Gym Tonight?

We can all agree that at times after a long work day is over, the children are done with school and there is still dinner and homework to worry about; coming to the gym might be the last thing on your mind. What if you adjusted your post-work routine and made going to the gym a priority?

Kids and after school programs

Coming to the gym and having your children engage in after school programming will not only benefit you, it has also been proven to positively influence children across various domains. Children who are enrolled or participate regularly in after-school activities typically excel in personal and social skills, improve on behavioral issues, and lastly, demonstrate enhanced school performances. Subsequently, it minimizes the amount of time spent in front of the television, playing video games, or lounging on the couch. A study conducted in 2007 concluded that after-school programs specifically succeeding in improving children’s feelings of self-esteem, self-confidence, and created positive social behaviors. That being said it is wonderful that there are safe, reliable and supportive environments like The OAC, that offer various growth enhancing opportunities, that include activities and experiences that promote children’s personal, social, and recreational development.

After school workouts are great for the whole family

Whether it is tennis, swimming, arts and crafts, squash or golf, The OAC is a perfect place to spend your time post work. Families can gather and engage in whatever activity meets their best interest, and it will not only impact you but as noted it will positively impact your children as well. So the next time you are heading home after work, why don’t you make that special trip to the gym it will be well worth it!